Welcome to the Hard Luck Café

Characters in Order of Appearance

Cast size 11, - 6 women and 5 men. Actors serve as customers during Café and bar scenes. Characters can be of unspecified age, except Cynthia and Anne, about 40 and Katie, 18. Casting can be color-blind except for Alexis and Marcus, an African American couple.  

  • JOE, (m) a recovering alcoholic, former bar owner, and no-nonsense co-proprietor of the Hard Luck Café, with a soft spot for his second wife, Mimi 
  • MIMI, (f) Joe’s kind, but preoccupied wife, also in recovery, and yearning for connection with her estranged children. 
  • DAN, (m) a nice-guy, gun-shy waiter in recovery, studying to be a financial planner.  
  • HAZEL, (f) a lively, street-wise waiter, finishing college and volunteering at the detox unit. 
  • ALEXIS, (f) a waiter/nurse in recovery, at the end of her rope with long-term boyfriend Marcus. 
  • MARCUS, (m) a recovering addict and commitment-phobic boyfriend of Alexis.   
  • GREG (m), Marcus's mate from rehab, grieving for the recent loss of his partner.
  • ANNE, (f) a disenchanted single clinical psychologist and Cynthia’s lifelong friend. 
  • KATIE, (f) Cynthia’s angry teenaged daughter, about to go to college. 
  • RICHARD, (m) a self-absorbed “drying drunk”, periodically in recovery. 
  • CYNTHIA, (f) a care-worn, alcoholic divorced woman, mother of 18 year old Katie.   


 Time: Present time, over the course of about one year. 

 Setting: An unidentified urban area

NOTE: Script is available in 11 and 10 character formats in lengths from 85 to120 minutes.