Karin Ringheim

book, music, lyrics

Karin Ringheim (book, music, lyrics)  was born in Montana and raised in Minnesota, where her parents often entertained friends around the piano. Among the family’s small record collection,  several Broadway classics received constant airtime. As a child, Ringheim studied flute and piano for a few years. During a “back to the land” decade, while raisingchildren, gardens and goats in rural Colorado, Ringheim held jobs as a waiter, UPS truck driver, postal worker, and job developer in a federal program to help poor single mothers find higher paying nontraditional work. These experiences influenced a return to school.  Following a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan, Karin spent 25 years in the field of global health, and has conducted social science research in 20 developing countries. She is the author of a book on homelessness and many other non-fiction publications. Karin and her philosopher-husband George Brockway, live in Arlington, Virginia.  Their three children and four grandchildren live in Minnesota and California.  Karin is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the Playwrights Forum of Washington D. C. and the Northern Virginia Writers Circle.

“The concept of a musical highlighting the role of social support in recovery was influenced by the experiences of my father and brother,  both alumni of Hazelden Recovery Center. This work is dedicated to them. The Cafe setting was inspired by the Day by Day Cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota,  which was opened more than 30 years ago by people in recovery, and for many years hosted a weekly AA meeting.”

Welcome to the Hard Luck Cafe wasa finalist for best play in the 2015 Thespis Theatre Festival and Karin is enormously grateful for the opportunity to work with a remarkable group of theatre professionals on this first Showcase production. Unending appreciation for the "theatre angels" whose generosity made this production possible.

For further information, script and song demos, or a DVD of the Thespis Theatre production, please contact:
Karin Ringheim